Venetian plaster

The beginnings of Venetian plaster reach back to ancient Rome, where it thrives along with the introduction of multi-layer plastering.

Afterwards, the Venetian plaster was rediscovered during the Italian Renaissance and proved to be ideal for the palace interiors.
The process of producing this material has remained unchanged over the millennia and still adds a unique character to the spaces in which it is used.

The Venetian plaster is a combination of natural products such as quenched lime, marble dust and water, then this base is processed and coloured.

The characteristic feature of the Venetian plaster is its marble-like texture. This material is distinguished by its uniqueness and the possibility of creating a space with an ancient style.

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This product is completely environmentally friendly, it contains no toxic substances and has no negative impact on the human body, so contact with it is completely safe.

A very important quality of Venetian plaster is its resistance to water which makes it an elegant material for decorating bathroom walls. Due to the wax-based finish, the plaster provides reliable protection against water exposure, as its coating does not absorb moisture.

The Venetian plaster provides an elegant and exclusive look, its smooth surface beautifully reflects light and optically enlarges the space.

The effective brushing forms a unique pattern which adds depth and charm to the walls on which is installed.


A great asset of Venetian plaster is its resistance to water, moulds and mildews. Additionally, its design is timeless and perfectly suited for elegant interiors.Another important feature is that its structure is durable and does not require special treatment.The Venetian plaster finish combines texture, colour as well as light and is ideal for creating natural, luxurious spaces.

The Venetian plaster is an ideal solution when creating beautiful and ornamental interiors in an antique style.

No additional maintenance is required for the Venetian plaster, it only needs a refresh in every few years.

The product is natural and eco-friendly, additionally improve air quality in the space in which it is used.

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