Bathroom inspired by nature Create ecologic bathrooms by using eco friendly materials and natural effective finish. Modern bathroom inspiration Unique eco friendly & healthy products and smart and modern technology in bathroom. Bathrooms of the future Traditional Marocan Tadelak, breathtaking effects of Venetian Polished plaster, modern technology of micro-cement- in living spaces… Sed ut pespia tis une Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis is natus error accusantium doemque lauium, tom aperiam.

About us

The idea to incorporate Nomico Ltd was born out of the need and constant changes in the market and in the world.

Previously, we installed standard tiled bathrooms, but discovered a niche and need for the services we currently provide.

Modern people carefully choose each product. They are looking for something unique but also ecological. They are looking for something that comes from nature.

Natural, ecological, environmentally friendly is on trend today – it is fashionable.

We offer custom-made bathrooms that are unique, beautiful, ecological, made of natural products and polished Venetian plaster.

No more grout, no tiles on walls and floors, just amazing surfaces instead.

“Bathrooms close to nature” is the motto of our company.

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Modern and ecologic bathrooms

Bathroom inspired by nature


Tadelakt is a beautiful plaster finish which has been used for centuries in the architecture of sunny Morocco. This material is characterised by excellent waterproofness and therefore it is an ideal product suitable for use in bathrooms.

Venetian plaster

The walls covered with ornamental Venetian plaster decorated houses of ancient Romans and Renaissance palaces. Today, this material provides a very sophisticated and practical solution for elegant interiors distinguished by its resistance to damage, abrasion and the majority of stains.


Microcement is a thin coating which creates a decorative and yet durable finish for walls and floors. It can be shaped and coloured in various ways, which is an ideal solution for modern and industrial-style interiors.
Bathrooms of the future

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Bespoke bathrooms (close to nature)
Natural Effects in living spaces
Modern Texture in your home

Slide Envision Tomorrow Creating a new ecological, healthy and natural vision with every day... Slide Modern bathrooms Technologically advanced with natural aspects, are the next level of modern bathrooms. Slide Closer to Nature The beauty of nature brought into our living spaces...
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