Microcement is a type of resin flooring initially used mainly in commercial buildings. This was due to its high level of adhesion to the ground, which eliminates the risk of cracks or fractures.

The compositions applied on walls or floors include polymer resins, high-performance cement, aggregates, pigments and modifying admixtures. This makes microcement a product which looks like a decorative concrete.

Due to its extreme durability and waterproofness, it is ideal for interiors exposed to frequent contact with water, such as bathrooms.

An undeniable advantage of the microcement, apart from its traditional greys, is that it can be coloured in any various colours.

The texture of the microcement is made manually, so its pattern will never be repeated, which helps in creating a unique design which is simply tailor-made.

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A characteristic quality of the microcement is its resistance to UV radiation, so it can be applied in places exposed to full sunlight.

Surfaces covered with microcement are homogeneous, they do not require the use of grouts, which optically enlarges the interior, giving a sense of spaciousness and modernity. Moreover, it is a hygienic solution as it avoids the accumulation of dirt.

A practical aspect of the microcement is also the possibility to apply it on almost all hard surfaces from cement, through ceramic tiles, terracotta and even panelling. This product is flexible, so it is also suitable for resilient surfaces such as suspended floors and ceilings.

A topcoat applied to the base can also be used to finish the microcement coating. In this way, it can give a matt, satin or shiny finish.


Microcement is an ultra-practical and aesthetic decorative material which is used to finish floors, walls, ceilings and even countertops and washbasins.

It is ideal for bathrooms creating a modern, industrial design and providing proper protection against water, mould and dirt.

Microcement is an ideal solution when creating industrial interiors.

The homogeneous surface of the microcement allows to keep it clean and does not require special cleaning.

Microcement is made of carefully selected and natural ingredients.

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