The word ‘tadelakt’ derives from Arabic and means “to rub in”, which has some connection with the way of how it is installed. This is done manually, by applying a layer of plaster and polishing it after it has dried. Tadelakt is a traditional Moroccan plaster technique primarily used to create waterproof cisterns for the storage of drinking water. Then its purpose was extended onto wet areas such as fountains. As a completely waterproof product, tadelakt works perfectly when exposed to water, such as on shower walls, areas around a washbasin or toilet. When polished, the structure of it resembles a stone with an exceptionally velvety sheen, which makes the interior look exceptional. This material, when used in bathrooms, creates a unique effect, helps with maintenance of the space and prevents the formation of mould.

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Tadelakt has many qualities that make it an ideal product for use in bathrooms. Due to its waterproofness, it provides protection against mould, which is crucial in wet areas. The surfaces covered with it are not only moisture-proof but also breathable. Tadelakt is very durable and made of natural ingredients which do not emit harmful substances that could cause physical harm. As there is no grout line, this product is excellent in creating a beautiful, cohesive structure ideal for modern, minimalistic interiors. The seamless application allows creating customised elements such as overhanging shelves, thanks to which the whole room keeps its timeless, aesthetic style. When it comes to the colour, there are many possibilities, as this product is originally in the form of white powdered, which can be changed by adding various colouring.


The use of tadelakt in the bathroom is not only practically due to its waterproofness but also creates a unique decoration of the interior as well as offers many possibilities of customisation from choosing the perfect colour to a matt or glossy finish. This product will allow you to enjoy a pleasant and neat bathroom for many years to come.

Tadelakt is an ideal solution when creating a minimalist, aesthetic and cohesive space.

This product does not require scrubbing and therefore is extremely easy to keep clean.

Tadelakt is a 100% natural product and free of harmful substances.

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