When arranging the spaces in our homes, such as bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms, we should make sure that they not only look beautiful, but also have a natural finish that cares about our comfort. It is very simple to bring beauty to our living spaces by using natural products. With natural ingredients, we will be able to get closer to nature and give our lives a pleasant flow.

Benefits of eco-friendly materials

Stone, lime or wood are simple, healthy, natural, easily accessible and at the same time stylish materials for interior design. It is worth to use products which do not emit toxic, or allergenic substances, and which are as little processed as possible, without overloading the environment at the production stage. An investment in natural interior finishing will quickly pay off in the form of non-measurable benefits such as well-being, internal harmony, stress reduction. Additionally, it will also bring more measurable benefits because these materials are usually very durable, easy to renovate and do not need to be replaced every few years.

Natural material for interiors

When choosing wall and floor covering materials, it is worth making sure that they are based on natural components, with only natural pigments, without toxic solvents or highly allergenic substances. Such products include all kinds of plasters which are not only waterproof but also free of harmful compounds. The colour of the plasters can be chosen according to personal preferences, and many pigments are completely natural. Colours of the earth will additionally bring harmony to the interior and simply make everyday care easier, because dirt is hardly visible on such surfaces and often only a clean cloth and water is enough to remove it.

Natural, ecological, easy to clean and waterproof, what else can you ask for? Plasters such as tadelakt or Venetian plaster will add a unique atmosphere to your interiors and reduce your health and environmental concerns.