Natural, eco-friendly, relaxing — these are the slogans that play an extremely important role in the process of designing modern bathrooms. So let’s turn the urban jungle of everyday problems into an oasis, which allows you to calm down, and soothe the senses.

When designing a natural space, it is crucial to use materials reflecting the raw resources of nature. You can use wood or stone, but if you look closely, you can also find products like Venetian plaster or Tadelakt which are perfectly natural and, over the centuries, prove to be ideal for the interior.

When it comes to the colours, why choose the vivid shades which only make you more stressed? Open up to natural colours which allow you to relax, and come closer to nature. Ecological solutions are also a great option because they are extremely fashionable, and additionally, permit you to take care of the environment.

The use of tiles in bathrooms has recently been declined, partly because a bathroom without tiles is generally easier to care for. The reason is there are no joints that can easily change colour. As long as the bathroom tiles show their ageing over time, plastered or stone surfaces are less sensitive to water deposits and scratches.

At this point, it is worth mentioning, that natural plasters have a positive impact on the room climate. They prove the ability to absorb and accumulate moisture and then gradually release it into the environment, preventing excessive air humidity, which in turn avoids damage from moisture and mould.

Natural materials are also very attractive because of their imperfections, which manifest in irregular structures, not entirely smooth surface, and uneven colouring. Nature is a guarantee of uniqueness, and it is exactly this feature that takes the place of the perfection that has been cherished not so long ago.

Regardless of the preferred interior design, it is worthwhile to use natural materials. If you want to create a space with a good atmosphere, pay attention to the quality and composition of the products used as well as to their properties. The use of material free of volatile compounds should be standard in bathrooms dedicated to children and allergy sufferers.

The use of natural plasters, wood and stone is the key to creating a warm and cosy bathroom where everyone will feel comfortable. In this way, the inspirations drawn from nature will allow you to arrange your interior, which is a manifesto of a pro-ecological lifestyle.