In the contemporary world, where smart phones connect us with places somewhere on the other side of the globe, watches take care of our health, and ecological cars drive on the streets, the bathroom also becomes an innovative place. An increasing number of bathroom solutions are equipped with the latest technologies changing the quality of life.

Cutting-edge solutions

Bathroom devices controlled electronically with a mobile application? The technologies that previously could only be seen in science-fiction films are slowly becoming widely used. Due to their modern technologies, ordinary bathtub or toilet can be turn into multifunctional devices which save time, money and provide us with a much higher level of comfort than before.

One of the products that have been winning popularity for some years now is tech-toilets, which have been popularised by the Japanese. Another technological innovation is an intelligent bath which allows you to create a real spa in your own home.

Natural elements of innovation

Technologically advanced with natural aspects are another level of modern bathrooms. Just because more and more people are turning towards modernity and the latest technological solutions does not mean that this cannot be combined with natural products that will perfectly harmonise with the bathroom of the future.

Advanced equipment and innovative gadgets can be easily combined in an interior created by natural products. The use of microcement or tadelakt on walls and floors will only add extra touch to our bathroom and make the space not only modern but also natural.

Applications of products derived from natural substances such as sand, or stone are ideal for interiors that tend to be modernist and minimalist. You no longer need to give up on modernity to create a bathroom that is innovative and consistent with the ecological approach. Caring for our planet combined with the latest technological solutions is really within your reach.